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Titan Box-Wing Cutter

The perfect combination of style, sophistication and function. This spring-loaded cigar cutter uses stainless steel blades with an ergonomic design that feels natural and promises the perfect cut with minimal effort. For added safety, the blades lock until ready for use.


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Product Specs


Stainless Steel


How to Use

Simply slide your cigar cap into the cutter hole, grasp the handles in a natural handshake position using your thumb and forefinger, and apply gentle pressure for a precise cut.

Box Wing Design

Expertly designed to feel natural in your hand while delivering a precise cut, time after time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Place the head of the cigar in the cutter’s opening, closing the blades just enough to hold the cigar in place. Double check to ensure you are cutting exactly on the shoulder, and then quickly and confidently make your cut using your thumb and forefinger.

The most common and versatile way to cut a cigar, the straight cut is simple to execute with a high-quality cutter. This type of cut works for most cigar shapes and sizes and leaves a larger opening for more smoke.

Durable and versatile, stainless steel is food safe and non-corrosive, no matter what it is exposed to. Invest in a stainless steel cutter for low maintenance upkeep.

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