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La Aurora® 130 Ct. Cedar Humidor

Essential for storage and maintaining cigar quality, this cedar humidor holds up to 130 smokes, keeping them in ideal humidity and temperature as they age. The glass display showcases prized cigars, while interior tray and divider allow for easy organization.



Price: $204.99


Product Specs

130 Cigars

21in x 10in x 8in


Premium Quality & Construction

The standard material for premium cigar humidors, cedar withstands humidity and maintains temperature impeccably.

Pro Tip

A quality humidor maintains—and even enhances—a cigar’s flavor. Cedar is known to preserve flavor, year after year.

Frequently Asked Questions

To keep your cigar fresh for as long as possible, investing in a humidor is essential. Humidors are storage devices designed to replicate the tropical climate in which your cigar was grown and crafted with a moderate temperature and high humidity.

Cigars are natural and organic, making them sensitive to their environment. By replicating ideal conditions in a humidor, your cigars can maintain freshness for years. Your humidor should be kept between 68-70ºF and 70-75% humidity.

Traditionally crafted from wood, humidors are designed to withstand humidity and temperature variability, giving cigars a consistent storage environment. Some types of wood cannot provide the necessary regulation, while cedar does an impeccable job and helps cigars develop an enhanced flavor as they age.

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