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La Aurora® Travel Humidor

With two protective cigar beds, this durable, air-tight humidor ensures cigars maintain their quality in any conditions. The water and damage-resistant design features a convenient carrying handle and snap locking clips to keep up to 10 cigars fresh and secure while traveling, golfing, or enjoying the outdoors.


Price: $34.99


Product Specs

10 Cigars

8-3/4” W x 5-1/4” D x 3” H

Polymer Composite

Designed for Durability

Specially crafted to protect cigars on-the-go, this humidor maintains humidity while resisting damage from rough handling.

Pro Tip

Humidors function at their best when filled to 75% capacity. If possible, leave added space to maintain quality—and for any cigars you might pick up on your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

To keep your cigar fresh for as long as possible, investing in a humidor is essential. Humidors are storage devices designed to replicate the tropical climate in which your cigar was grown and crafted with a moderate temperature and high humidity.

Cigars are natural and organic, making them sensitive to their environment. By replicating ideal conditions in a humidor, your cigars can maintain freshness for years. Your humidor should be kept between 68-70ºF and 70-75% humidity, and as a rule of thumb, the lower the temperature is, the higher the humidity should be and vice versa.

In a properly maintained humidor, cigars can retain their quality for years—but left out in an air conditioned or heated room, they may be ruined within hours.

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