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XIKAR Pulsar Lighter Black

A simple side-squeeze design ignites a powerful triple jet flame. The adjustable wheel allows for full control over flame size, while a fold-out 7mm cigar punch adds functionality and versatility to this timeless tool.


Price: $99.99


Product Specs


Side Squeeze

Refillable Butane


How to Use

After making your cut, hold your cigar at an angle over the flame, turning slowly until fully lit.

Pro Tip

The side-squeeze ignition is a smart design solution that prevents burnt fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Xikar Pulsar Lighter is equipped with an EZ-View red fuel window that allows you to see the lighter’s fuel level at any time. When the fuel is low, it’s easy to refill with a Xikar Butane refill canister.

Using your choice lighter, slowly rotate your cigar at an angle over the flame, careful to never let the cigar and flame touch. Do not take a draw until the cigar is fully lit.

Traditional lighters, candles or any other oil-fueled ignition can compromise the cigar’s taste and integrity and impart a gaseous taste. Butane lighters are neutral and more suitable for cigars.

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