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XIKAR VX2™ V-Cut Cutter

Engineered to create the perfect v-cut, the VX2 V-Cut ensures plenty of draw without the risk of damage. An inverted stainless steel blade provides inward pressure to the cap, preventing expansion and splitting with an ergonomic, one-handed operation that’s exceptionally easy to use.


Price: $49.99


Product Specs


Stainless Steel

Ring Gauge 64

How to use

The spring-loaded ergonomic design makes it easy to press your thumb and forefinger together to create a precise cut, maximizing your draw and minimizing risk for damage.

Engineered for Precision

Exquisitely designed to create the optimal depth of a v-cut, ensuring the perfect draw without damaging the cigar cap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the shoulder of the cigar, or where the curved part of the cigar begins to straighten out—this is where you’ll make your cut. Then, place the head of the cigar in the cutter’s opening, closing the blades just enough to hold the cigar in place. Double check to ensure you are cutting exactly on the shoulder, and then quickly and confidently make your cut using your thumb and forefinger.

A cross between a straight and a punch cut, a v-cut creates a wedge opening, which is smaller than a straight cut, meaning you get more control over your draw. The V-Cut makes it easy to retain your cigar’s shape and get a consistent draw.

Especially for dealing with larger ring gauge cigars, getting a spring-loaded cigar cutter ensures a smooth, consistent cut that prevents unraveling.

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