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The Ultimate Cigar Pairing Guide

May 26th, 2023


Pairing cigars with different kinds of beverages has been a long-standing ritual and a matter of personal preference for many aficionados, but to do it properly requires a bit of understanding. The golden rule to ensure a pleasant pairing experience is to remember to match the strength of your cigar with the strength of your drink. If you have a full-bodied cigar, pair it with a heavier drink like whiskey or rum. If you have a mild cigar, pair it with a lighter drink like white wine. Avoid pairing heavy cigars with light drinks or mild cigars with heavy drinks as this can lead to an unpleasant clash of flavors.

The right pairing can enhance the flavors of both the cigar and the drink, creating a balance that elevates the entire cigar-smoking experience. This article will discuss three popular pairings for cigars: rum, coffee, and wine. If you're interested in learning how to pair your cigars with your favorite drinks, read on!

Rum & Cigar Pairing

Rum & cigar pairing is a sophisticated and classy way to enhance your sensory experience while indulging in two timeless pleasures. These two distinct flavors complement each other perfectly, creating an unforgettable match that tingles the taste buds.

The art of pairing rum and cigars has been refined over the years. The process begins by selecting the right cigar to complement the rum's flavor profile. The body and strength of the cigar should match the intensity of the rum, ensuring one does not overpower the other. The same applies to the flavors and aromas of the cigar and rum. A flavorful cigar pairs well with an equally flavorful rum, while a milder cigar complements a smoother rum.

When it comes to rum, there are many options available, each with its unique flavor profile and history. For example, Caribbean rums are known for their bold and spicy notes, while South American rums tend to be more mellow and sweet. On the other hand, cigars also come in various strengths, flavors, and aromas. From mellow Connecticut-wrapped cigars to full-bodied, spicy Nicaraguans, the options are endless.

Pairing the right cigar with the right rum can take your senses on a delightful journey. You can try pairing your smokes from the La Aurora 107 line, such as the Cosecha or the La Aurora Corojo 1962 cigars from the brand's Original Blends line, with E. León Jimenes 110 Aniversario rum, a premium, award-winning Dominican Republic rum that complements all cigar types. Each puff on the cigar brings out the unique notes of the rum, enhancing its flavor and aroma. The smokiness and caramel notes of the cigar blend harmoniously with the rich and complex flavor of the rum, creating an incomparable experience.

Rum & cigar pairing is an art that requires knowledge, expertise, and an appreciation for the finer things in life. With the right pairing, you can elevate your sensory experience, creating a moment of pure pleasure and indulgence.

Coffee & Cigar Pairing

Coffee is another popular pairing for cigars, bringing together and enhancing the personal experience of each ritual. However, to master the pairing technique, it's crucial to select flavors that harmonize well together rather than dominating each other.

The flavor profile of the coffee should match or complement the flavor profile of the cigar. For example, a medium-bodied coffee with notes of chocolate and caramel would pair well with a medium-bodied cigar with hints of cocoa and spice. This allows the flavors to blend and enhance each other, rather than compete with or overpower one another. Additionally, the intensity of the flavors should also be taken into consideration. A mild cigar would pair well with a milder coffee, while a full-bodied cigar would require a stronger coffee to balance out the flavors.

For those who enjoy a strong and rich black coffee, the La Aurora Preferidos 1903 Gold Tubo cigar or the La Aurora Puro Vintage, which is both tasty and fragrant, are great options to pair it with. On the other hand, individuals who enjoy less strong coffee varieties like cappuccinos may find that the milder León Jimenes Connecticut cigar is a good match for a sweet, smooth, and delightful combination.

Ultimately, coffee and cigar pairing is a matter of personal taste and preference. Experimenting and trying different combinations is the best way to discover new and interesting flavor profiles.

Wine & Cigar Pairing

Pairing wine with cigars can offer a unique and enjoyable experience when done correctly. The objective is to create a complementary pairing that amplifies the smoking experience. This can be achieved by taking into account various factors such as the aroma, flavor, body, and tannins present in both the cigar and the wine. For instance, a full-bodied cigar with rich, smoky, and earthy flavors (such as the Preferidos 1903 Ruby Tubo or Maduro 1985) pairs well with a robust and full-bodied red wine, such as a Cabernet Sauvignon or Bordeaux. On the other hand, a milder cigar with a delicate and floral aroma (such as our Connecticut 1987) is best enjoyed with a light-bodied white wine, such as a Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio. For a truly lavish experience, cigars and champagne make a delightful combination and with its Dominican corojo wrapper the 100 años could make a perfect match.

Through the careful selection and pairing of cigars and wines, enthusiasts can elevate their smoking experience and explore the vast and diverse world of both wine and cigar cultures.

Final Notes

Knowing how to pair your smokes is all about finding the right balance between the flavors of the cigar and the drink. It is an art that requires careful consideration, knowledge of the strength and flavors in both the cigar and drink you plan to enjoy alongside it, and personal preference. When done correctly, it can create a wonderfully harmonious experience that transcends the mere enjoyment of one's senses. La Aurora offers many resources on their website, including a cigar quiz, to help you discover the perfect pairing for your taste buds.