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Cigar Pairings

Whether celebrating a milestone or simply savoring the moment, a cigar is defined by the smoking experience. When choosing an accompanying beverage, light bodied cigars often pair best with refreshing white wines or light spirits, while red wines and darker spirits help bring out the flavors in full-bodied cigars. No matter your preference, a superior smoke should be paired with something of comparable quality to sip.


Both crafted in the tropics, cigars and rum are a quintessential, kindred pairing. The sweet, spicy, and floral notes of a well-aged rum effortlessly complement and balance a range of premium cigars.


Coffee and cigars are both deeply personal rituals that, when brought together, can intensify the experience of each. Like all pairings, selecting flavors that work together, rather than overpower one another, is an art. Strong black coffee will pair perfectly with something full-bodied, like our La Aurora 100 Años cigar, but if you prefer something sweet and smooth, enjoy a cappuccino with a León Jimenes Connecticut cigar.


When choosing a spirit to enjoy with your cigar, there are selections, such as cognac, that stand the test of time, while an array of modern cocktails serve up unexpected enjoyment. Both traditionally enjoyed after dinner, cognac and cigars are a natural pairing for winding down an evening. Sweet, smoky cocktails, such as the Old Fashioned, easily balance even the most full-bodied cigars, while strong, boozy elixirs, like a Martini or Gin & Tonic, easily hold their own when paired with your selected cigar.


While cigars are more traditionally enjoyed with strong, straight spirits, the right wine can deliver a smooth, satisfying experience that’s unique and unexpected. If you prefer white wines, chardonnay is a natural choice thanks to its aged oaky flavor—enjoy a glass with our La Aurora 107 Ecuador cigar for a rich, refreshing indulgence. A variety of red wines are perfectly suited cigar pairings, especially full-bodied selections from Italy and Spain which serve as rich, robust accompaniments to your cigar of choice. For celebrations and special occasions that deserve extra opulence, there is no pairing more luxurious than cigars and champagne.