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La Aurora® Puro Vintage

Featuring the oldest tobacco of our Puro Vintage series with leaves harvested 14 years ago, the Puro Vintage is truly unmatched. With a rich aromatic profile and smoke that builds in strength and complexity with every puff, this expertly aged smoke is well worth the wait.



Cigar Count

Box of 8

Out of Stock

Product Profile for Puro Vintage



Tasting Notes

Cocoa & Fruit


Dominican Republic


Ecuador Sumatra


Dominican Republic



Available Shapes


6 1/2"
Ring Gauge
Smoke Time
120 mins

Frequently Asked Questions

Slow down and have patience—you might recognize strong notes upon your first draw, but the longer you spend enjoying the mouthfeel, the more you will notice as the smoke continues. Cleanse your palate with soda water before smoking so your senses are primed to notice more and more details.

Cigars are natural and organic, making them sensitive to their environment. By replicating ideal conditions in a humidor, your cigars can maintain freshness for years. Your humidor should be kept between 68-70ºF and 70-75% humidity, and as a rule of thumb, the lower the temperature is, the higher the humidity should be and vice versa.

A cigar is made up of three main parts: The Head, the Body, and the Foot. The Body refers to the cigar itself. The Head is the end of the cigar you smoke, and the Foot is the end of the cigar you light.

About the Blend

Hand-crafted with expertly-aged tobacco harvested years ago, our Puro Vintage collection showcases the finest aging techniques for a rare, rich smoking experience that can only come with time. Featuring our longest aged tobacco yet, the Puro Vintage 2007 cigar is strong and forward with a full-bodied blend of woody, nutty, sweet and fruit notes and a subtle hint of bitter cocoa. Developed over two decades, the rich, earthy flavor profile and complexity and are unlike any other smoke.

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