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How Cigar Humidors Work: Merging Craftsmanship and Elegance

Oct 6th, 2023


Cigars, often seen as a symbol of luxury and refinement, require meticulous care to retain their essence and quality over time. Enter cigar humidors, a seemingly humble yet essential tool that plays a pivotal role in maintaining the flavor, aroma, and texture of these prized tobacco products. Therefore, in the world of premium cigars, where every detail matters, a cigar humidor box is more than a storage solution; it's a reflection of your appreciation for the finer things in life. And when it comes to cigars, none excel quite like La Aurora.

La Aurora's prominence in the cigar industry is echoed in the humidors associated with their brand. These exquisite pieces blend form and function seamlessly, complementing La Aurora's commitment to quality cigars. From the 130 Ct. Cedar Humidor, a true masterpiece of design, to the Travel Humidor, a portable luxury, each piece elevates your cigar experience. The humidors not only safeguard your cigars but also serve as elegant showcases for your collection, adding a touch of sophistication to your smoking ritual.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of cigar humidors, exploring their significance and the exceptional pieces offered by La Aurora.

The Basics Of Cigar Humidors

A cigar humidor is more than just a box – it's a climate-controlled haven designed to mimic the tropical conditions where tobacco leaves are grown and harvested. Its primary function lies in its ability to control temperature, humidity, and air circulation, all critical factors that impact the cigars' preservation. Without proper care, cigars can dry out, lose their flavor and aroma, or become overly moist, resulting in a less-than-ideal smoking experience. A humidor acts as a safeguard against these undesirable outcomes.

The Role Of Humidity In Cigar Preservation

The magic number for cigar humidity hovers around 65-75% relative humidity (RH). This range facilitates the aging process, allowing the tobacco leaves to mature gracefully and develop complex, nuanced flavors. The science behind humidity's effect on cigars is rooted in the leaves' water content, which contributes to their overall taste and aroma. Maintaining the right humidity level also prevents mold growth and safeguards the cigars from losing their original freshness and characteristics.

Types Of Cigar Humidors

Cigar humidors come in various shapes and sizes, catering to different preferences and needs. Desktop humidors are perfect for those who enjoy keeping a small collection close at hand, while cabinet humidors provide ample space for serious aficionados. Travel humidors, compact and sturdy, are ideal for jet-setting cigar enthusiasts. La Aurora, a trailblazer in the cigar industry, showcases a selection of diverse humidors that cater to every discerning taste and preference.

Choosing The Right Humidor

Selecting the right humidor involves a combination of factors, including the size of your collection, the space available, and your personal style. We’ve selected two humidors to offer that are excellent choices for both beginners and seasoned collectors. Whether you're drawn to traditional aesthetics or impact-resistant portability, there's a humidor available on our website that can complement your taste.

Seasoning And Maintaining Your Humidor

A new humidor requires seasoning to establish the optimal humidity level. This process involves saturating the humidor's wood with distilled water and allowing it to stabilize. Maintaining the humidor's internal environment involves regular checks and adjustments. No matter what you're looking for – exceptional craftsmanship, superior quality, or a timeless design – La Aurora's cigar humidor offerings are sure to exceed every expectation.

The Art Of Aging Cigars

Aging cigars is an art that unfolds within a well-maintained humidor. As time passes, cigars mature and undergo subtle changes that enhance their flavor profile. The right conditions foster the interaction between the tobacco's oils, producing a more refined and satisfying smoke. The humidors offered by La Aurora are designed with a keen understanding of this process, enhancing the aging experience and elevating your enjoyment.

Showcasing Humidors At La Aurora

La Aurora, a brand that has stood the test of time as one of the oldest and most respected names in the cigar industry, endorses exceptional cigar storage solutions. The 130 Ct. Cedar Humidor and the Travel Humidor are prime examples of this, standing as two reliable solutions. Let's take a closer look:

  1. Travel Humidor: For the modern cigar aficionado who is always on the move, the Travel Humidor is the perfect companion. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this impact-resistant travel humidor seamlessly combines functionality and style. Its compact yet spacious design allows you to carry up to ten of your favorite cigars in an environment that ensures their optimal condition. Constructed with high-quality polymer composite material, the exterior exudes a toughness that can endure the rigors of travel. The interior, lined with two protective beds, creates the perfect environment for your cigars to travel gracefully without damaging them. Its humidification system guarantees that your cigars remain in their prime no matter where your journey takes you. Whether you're embarking on a business trip or indulging in a leisurely vacation, the Travel Humidor, now available to purchase at La Aurora, is the ultimate accessory for keeping your cigars in impeccable condition while on the move.
  2. 130 Ct. Cedar Humidor: If you seek a humidor that not only preserves your cigars but also elevates the ambiance of your space, look no further than the 130 Ct. Cedar Humidor, associated with La Aurora. This masterpiece of design is a true embodiment of combining timeless aesthetics with functionality. With a capacity to hold up to 130 cigars, this humidor caters to serious enthusiasts and collectors. The exterior, adorned with intricate detailing, evokes a sense of grandeur that complements the most refined settings. The cedar construction, known for its ability to enhance the aging process, creates the perfect environment for your cigars to develop complex flavors and aromas. The 130 Ct. Cedar Humidor is more than just a storage solution; it's a piece of art that enhances your living space while preserving your cigars. Every element, from the precision-fit lid to the hygrometer and humidification system, demonstrates a commitment to providing an unparalleled cigar storage experience.

Final Notes

Cigar humidors stand as gatekeepers to the world of premium cigars, ensuring their quality endures over time. By understanding the science behind humidity, the various types of humidors available, and the art of aging cigars, you're better equipped to embark on a journey of cigar preservation and enjoyment.

Whether you're a frequent traveler seeking portability without compromise or a connoisseur who values the fusion of art and function, the humidors at La Aurora offer an exceptional bridge between tradition and innovation to enhance your cigar passion in every way. With La Aurora, your cigars are more than just rolled tobacco leaves—they are a representation of rich heritage, refined craftsmanship, and the pursuit of perfection.