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The Best Dominican Cigars From La Aurora

Jan 26th, 2024


Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic stands as a testament to natural splendor and cultural richness. Beyond its sun-kissed shores and lively communities, this island nation boasts a rich heritage of tobacco cultivation. Blessed with fertile soils and an ideal climate, the Dominican Republic has yielded some of the world's most sought-after tobacco leaves.

In the wake of Cuba's trade embargo with the U.S. in the 1960s, a wave of cigar-making maestros with roots in Cuba's storied tobacco tradition sought solace in the Dominican Republic. This influx of expertise ushered in a new era of cigar craftsmanship, solidifying the Dominican Republic's position as a global powerhouse in the cigar industry.

With a heritage spanning over a century, La Aurora has contributed to this legacy. Our dedication to the art of cigar-making is a testament to the craft's enduring values. In this exploration of the best Dominican cigars, we invite you to discover our offerings, where tradition meets innovation, resulting in cigars that are both classic and cutting-edge, and every draw beckons you to savor the essence of the Dominican Republic's finest tobacco, one that continues to captivate cigar enthusiasts worldwide, garnering numerous accolades and a loyal following.


To commemorate our 120th anniversary, we created a unique cigar that is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the entire La Aurora family. Crafted with a blend that showcases unprecedented teamwork, this cigar comes in four sizes, including Robusto, Toro, Gran Toro, and Churchill. Its tasting notes bring together delightful hints of cocoa and smoky flavors, skillfully complemented by the Dominican Habana 92 wrapper. With Dominican binder and fillers sourced from the Cibao Valley, this medium-full-strength cigar offers a balanced and refined smoking experience. For pairing, the La Aurora 120th Anniversary complements a range of beverages from rum and wine to coffee, whiskey, and bourbon. As for food, it pairs wonderfully with meat, pasta, and seafood, offering a truly versatile and enjoyable smoking experience.


Rolled in homage to the inaugural La Aurora creation, the No. 1 Double Figurado, featuring Don Eduardo's original clasp case design, this Dominican Puro is produced in small batches by Torcedores, each with over two decades of mastery. This ultra-premium cigar is a rarity, limited to just 2,500 boxes in the U.S. With a medium-dark strength and a DR Habano '92 wrapper, DR Olor binder, and a blend of Pilato Cubano, Olor Dominicano, and Corojo fillers, it delivers a super-premium, full-bodied smoking experience. The journey begins with cedar wood, smoky peppered cinnamon, and anise notes, gradually transitioning to sweet cocoa, creamy coffee beans, and a smooth vanilla finish. As the burn progresses, dry fruit and rich tropical notes emerge, complemented by subtle hints of wild honey and rich earth. Each draw unveils a unique flavor experience, culminating in a truly unforgettable celebration of our legacy.


The LA AURORA® 100 AÑOS earned the prestigious title of Best Dominican Cigar in the World from Cigar Aficionado in 2004. This hand-crafted cigar, made entirely from Dominican tobacco, promises a luxurious smoking experience with mild to medium strength, appealing to a wide range of enthusiasts. Its blend showcases a Dominican Republic Corojo wrapper, complemented by a DR binder and filler, resulting in a truly distinctive flavor profile. Master Blender Manual Inoa lauds it as a "fantastic 100% Dominican Cigar," praising its harmonious balance of wood, leather, almond, honey, floral, and bitter cocoa notes. As for the price, it starts at $56 for a box of three cigars, and for pairings, it pairs exquisitely with coffee, rum, vodka, and bourbon and complements heartier dishes like brisket, steak, and ribs.


The LA AURORA® PREFERIDOS 1903 GOLD TUBO pays tribute to La Aurora's historic cigars that established its reputation as a world-class cigar factory in 1903. This cigar offers a complex, subtly sweet profile, crafted from meticulously selected, expertly aged tobacco for a rare and harmoniously balanced smoke. With an oak-aged Dominican Corojo wrapper, complemented by Dominican binder and filler, along with additions from Cameroon and Brazil, it embodies a medium strength. Hand-crafted in small batches by torcedores with over 15 years of expertise, it delivers a flavorful and medium-bodied experience in the shape of a Perfecto. Our Master Blender Manual Inoa aptly describes it as an "earthy and spicy smoke" with a long finish boasting coffee, cocoa, wood, and citrus notes. Awarded 92 points by Cigar Aficionado, this cigar is a true gem and a testament to La Aurora's commitment to excellence. For pairings, it complements beautifully with coffee, whiskey, and rum. As for food, it pairs wonderfully with seafood and pasta. You can buy a box of eight cigars for $210.

The Art Of Pairing

Pairing the perfect beverage and food with your cigar enhances the overall experience, bringing out the nuanced flavors and aromas of each smoke. For La Aurora's exceptional Dominican cigars, consider savoring them with rich and aged rum, which complements cigars with cocoa and smoky undertones. Alternatively, a fine wine can elevate the nuances of the smoking experience. If you're seeking a balanced combination, a cup of well-brewed coffee or a glass of whiskey can be a fitting choice. Bourbon, with its robust flavor, can also be a delightful companion. When it comes to pairing with food, consider options like seafood or a plate of pasta, which complement the flavors of the cigar beautifully. Regardless of your preference, the right beverage and food pairing can elevate the cigar-smoking experience, allowing you to savor the flavors to the fullest.