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120 Anniversary Limited Edition

Rolled in the same format as the first cigar produced at La Aurora, the No. 1 Double Figurado, 120 LE is crafted in small batches and features Don Eduardo’s original clasp case design.

Experience 120 Years of La Aurora Craftsmanship

This Dominican Puro is 120 years in the making and crafted to provide an unforgettable smoking experience. Hand-made in small batches and rolled exclusively by expert Torcedores with over 20 years of experience, this ultra-premium, exclusive cigar was limited to only 2,500 boxes in the U.S.

Note: Not available for online purchase. Shipping to retailers in November 2023, find your nearest store with our STORE LOCATOR.



The 120 LE Blend and Process

This unique cigar is a tribute to the very first Preferidos cigars from 1903, with replicas of the original tubes encapsulating a new, meticulously crafted blend. To ensure it's quality, 120 LE is hand-made in small batches and rolled exclusively by our most expert Torcedores who have more than 20 years of experience. The Torcedores use an exquisite Habano 92-seed leaf wrapper, Dominican binder and a Dominican Republic filler blend, resulting in a super-premium, full-bodied Dominican Puro that exudes legacy, craftsmanship and flavor.

The León Family Creed Box Inlay

We are a proud family of rural origin, forged with persistent work under a strong sun. Humble and honest people. People who, along with cultivating the land, cultivate love, happiness and faith.


To work for the common good, maintaining integrity, authenticity, frankness, perseverance, honesty and passion for excellence, which distinguishes us as a successful family. A family which values and loves its roots, and which yearns to preserve that legacy that, by the grace of God, we have received from our parents. This intangible inheritance is what we pass on to our children, with passion and conviction. That is our greatest wealth.

The 120 LE Smoking Experience

With a cedar aroma, the first draw on La Aurora 120 Limited Edition reveals smoky flavors of peppered cinnamon and anise. Sweetness then enters the fold with the arrival of cocoa and creamy coffee bean notes, which combine with the beginning flavors and evolve into a smooth vanilla. And as you reach the end, flavor profiles transition to dry fruit and rich tropical notes, with subtle hints of wild honey and rich earth. This cigar is a truly unique flavor experience from start to finish.

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