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XIKAR Forte Soft Flame Lighter Silver

Engineered from the inside out, this lighter offers the most cutting-edge technology with a soft flame that achieves the perfect light without the risk of scorching. The stainless steel body includes a fold-out 7mm cigar punch for added functionality, while a houndstooth pattern appeals to classic sensibility.



Product Specs

Push Button

Refillable Butane


How to Use

After making your cut, hold your cigar at an angle over the flame, turning slowly—but not taking a draw—until the cigar is fully and evenly lit.

Timeless Design

Designed to stand the test of time with a classic houndstooth pattern and the highest-end lighter technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Xikar Forte Soft Flame Lighter is equipped with an EZ-View red fuel window that allows you to see the lighter’s fuel level at any time. When the fuel is low, it’s easy to refill with a Xikar Butane refill canister.

Careful to never let the cigar and a hard flame touch, slowly rotate your cigar at an angle over your lighter, not taking a draw until the cigar is fully lit.

The phosphorus tip on matches, candles, or any oil-fueled lighters can compromise the cigar’s taste and integrity through contamination. Butane lighters are neutral and more suitable for cigars.

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