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La Aurora® Fernando León 100th Anniversary Pig Tail

As a tribute to Fernando León and in commemoration of his 100th birthday, La Aurora has decided to launch a cigar that goes back to his earliest likings, a blend that represents exactly the first design that he made for his own, all of that into a special Limited Edition: La Aurora® Fernando León 100th Anniversary Double Robusto. 

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Tasting Notes

Cocoa & Citrus




Dominican Republic



Dominican Republic


Frequently Asked Questions

Known as a delicacy in the cigar world in comparison to more popular varieties, wrappers grown in Cameroon, Africa are toothy with enhanced sweetness for a truly unique smoking experience.

A cigar is made up of three main parts: The Head, the Body, and the Foot. The Body refers to the cigar itself. The Head is the end of the cigar you smoke, and the Foot is the end of the cigar you light.

There’s no better way to elevate the mood than with a drink or meal that pairs perfectly with your choice of smoke. When choosing an accompanying beverage, remember that light-bodied cigars often pair best with refreshing white wines or light beers, while dark beers, red wines and rich spirits help bring out the flavors in full-bodied cigars. Our master blender has recommended drink and food pairings you can find on each of our product pages.

About the Blend

It is a must to highlight that this cigar is a celebration of Don Fernando´s legacy, who was a vast connoisseur and a respected man in the tobacco business that gained admiration for his knowledge and relatable closeness to the cigar world. He was the third child of La Aurora´s founder, Eduardo León Jimenes, and he quickly stood out from his siblings for his technical knowledge of tobacco harvest. Fernando León was an inspiration for all the tobacco growers that got to know him, because of his indefatigable labor and his transcendental passion, potentializing what his father, bequeathed him.

Tasting Notes

It has medium to full strength. A unique blend that contains cedar, cocoa, and spicy tones, mixed with citrus and sweet flavors. These notes are complemented with a rich and oily Cameroon wrapper, Don Fernando´s personal preference for a leaf in a cigar.

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Blanched, avoiding spiced components