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There’s nothing like taking time to slow down and truly enjoy the experience of indulging in a cigar. From celebrating a milestone to making everyday moments more memorable, an exceptional smoke is the perfect way to elevate any occasion.

Champagne Celebrations

An impeccably crafted cigar is the perfect accompaniment to an evening of elegance. Chosen to make a once-in-a-lifetime event feel more even special, these premium cigars invite an added level of luxury to any celebration.

Special Occasions

For occasions that call for something extra, these premium cigars make celebrations more special. From bachelor parties to birthdays, they deliver an added indulgence and are best enjoyed with friends and family.

Golfing, Fishing, or Camping

When spending time outdoors, a cigar that holds up in the elements is essential. These approachable options are chosen for their size and ability to deliver a superior experience wherever you explore.

Longer Leisure Smoke

Indulging in a premium cigar is an experience in and of itself. To turn a smoking session into an occasion, these sizable selections have an extended burn time and are meant to be enjoyed slowly and leisurely.