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NEW - La Aurora Small Batch

Oct 27th, 2023


Doubling down on The New Dawn of La Aurora and its commitment to consumers, the team in the Dominican Republic is making space in their aging room for new product development and innovation. As a result, unique cigars are being released within the Small Batch line, each representing a different exploration from years past of Master Blender Manuel Inoa.

Each Small Batch limited-edition release has a special story - a selection of leaves and notes that La Aurora crafted specifically for limited editions or other small-scale projects and have treasured in limited quantities in their aging room. As a result, every edition will have an individual format, blend, and unrepeatable tasting notes due to their advanced ages.

“As we make room to explore new blends for our consumers, we are excited to share some of our favorites from Manuel’s past work,” said Guillermo León, President of La Aurora. “In each blend, Manuel demonstrates his experience, talent, and commitment to providing quality products to both new consumers and cigar aficionados.”

Small Batch Lot No. 002 is special. Its predecessor, Lot No. 001, flew off the shelves in the Dominican Republic, leaving many in the USA without a chance to taste it. But fear not, we're committed to our consumers, and this time, we're bringing it stateside. All 222 of these boxes are exclusively available to retailers in the U.S. market. It's a golden opportunity for cigar aficionados with demanding palates to savor a blend that's been nearly two decades in the making.

Limited Edition Release

Crafted with precision and care, each box of La Aurora Small Batch Lot No. 002 contains ten expertly rolled, handmade cigars. These cigars have been meticulously aged for an impressive 15 years, allowing the flavors to mature and meld.

With only 222 boxes, this quantity is enough to reflect the rare nature of this release, and you can grab a box for $130.

The Craft Behind The Cigar

The Lot No. 002 comes exclusively in the challenging Salomon shape. This shape is known for its complexity in rolling, and only our most seasoned rollers were entrusted with the task of crafting this edition. Complementing this unique shape, the cigar features a premium Corojo wrapper, a Dominican Republic binder, and a meticulously curated filler blend of Dominican Republic and Nicaragua tobaccos. This careful selection culminates in a nuanced and complex flavor profile. Measuring 6 1/2 inches in length with a 50/60 ring gauge, it promises a substantial smoking experience. Furthermore, it comes with a generous smoke time of 120 minutes.

Tasting Notes

You will notice a trifecta of distinctive notes: Spice, Wood, and Nutty. Our esteemed Master Blender, Manuel Inoa, described it as: "Rotund start, with a predominance of spicy notes of black pepper, it opens up to give way to more complex and delicate flavors at times. The presence of wood is evident throughout the smoke, enriched with bright nuances of cinnamon, nuts, and even citrus tips. The finish is powerful and creamy, at the height of a demanding smoke."

Elevate Your Experience With Pairings

Tailoring the experience to your personal tastes is critical when it comes to pairing cigars with drinks. The right drink can elevate the overall sensory experience. When pairing the Small Batch Lot No. 002, consider a selection of classic beverages like Rum, Coffee, Cognac, Whiskey, and Wine. Each offers its own unique notes and complements the cigar's nuanced flavor profile.

We advise you to experiment with different combinations to discover your own perfect match. Ultimately, the goal is to create a harmonious experience that brings out the best in both the cigar and your chosen drink.

With limited availability and a demand that's bound to be high, don't miss your chance to experience greatness. Find the Small Batch in a store near you today and join us on this extraordinary journey.