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Celebrating 120 Years of Excellence

Mar 27th, 2023

A cigar that is the fruit of its knowledge, passion, creativity and excellence

La Aurora Cigars, to mark its 120th anniversary this October, has created a cigar that is the fruit of the knowledge, passion, creativity, and excellence found in each member of the La Aurora family. Presented at the last edition of the Procigar Festival, it will be available in the American markets at the end of spring and in Afro-Eurasia from July.

The La Aurora 120 Aniversario blend is a blend of Dominican tobaccos: a beautiful Dominican Havana 92 wrapper over an Olor del Valle del Cibao wrapper and a filler of various tobaccos including Corojo, Olor del Valle del Cibao and Piloto Cubano del Valle del Cibao. This specific wrapper has been selected for its aromatic attributes and even burn.

“As we commemorate our 120th anniversary, we are proud to mark a milestone that will serve as a reference point for many years to come. Our commitment has always been to create cigars that embody the rich and distinct flavors of the cigar world,” says Guillermo León, president of La Aurora. “The La Aurora 120 blend we have chosen to create is a product of teamwork to a degree we had never accomplished before,” he adds.


La Aurora 120 Aniversario, available in four formats

Available in boxes in four formats: Robusto (5×50), Toro (5 ½ x 54), Gran Toro (6×58), and Churchill (7×47), it is a memorable smoke with an opening draw marked by cedar aromas from the aging of the cigar. These woody notes soften the smoky hints of cinnamon with pepper and anise to follow.

As the smoke progresses, sweeter notes emerge, with hints of cocoa and coffee evolving into soft vanilla flavors that establish a balance. Subsequently, the flavor profile can be expected to take a turn and provide a finish enriched by sweet nutty flavors that take center stage with subtle notes of wild honey and earthy flavors.

Thanks to the tobacco used in the Cibao Valley filler, sourced from La Aurora’s own farms and long-time trusted partners, the cigar has been designed to carefully match La Aurora’s standards and adjustments that allow the team to craft cigars with propriety.

The filler tobacco is selected to deliver a full smoking experience in a full-bodied cigar that nevertheless manages to provide a balanced and refined strength sensation without ever compromising on flavor, a feat made possible by the La Aurora cigar rollers’ extensive knowledge of the leaf.