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Jacob & Co. x La Aurora

Jan 26th, 2024

A Toast to Time and Taste

For over a century, La Aurora cigars have graced the palates of discerning connoisseurs; our rich aroma and smooth draw are a testament to generations of Dominican craftsmanship. Jacob & Co., meanwhile, have redefined the very notion of luxury watchmaking with their futuristic timepieces and boundless innovation.

Now, in a celebration of shared dedication to excellence, we proudly present a collaboration that transcends mere products; it's a symphony of time and taste, a fusion of heritage and innovation. We are thrilled to join forces with Jacob & Co., the visionary watchmaker whose timepieces capture the very essence of luxury.

La Aurora_Watch_Watchbox-7 копия.jpg

A Symphony of Shared Values

Our partnership is rooted in a common thread: a relentless pursuit of perfection. Like Jacob & Co., we were born from humble beginnings, driven by the belief that ordinary ingredients can be transformed into extraordinary experiences. As Guillermo León, our President, so eloquently puts it, "We have sought to change the way the world interacts with seemingly common products and turn them into luxury goods." This shared ethos forms the bedrock of our collaboration, a testament to the power of ambition and creativity to redefine luxury.

The Watch: A Jewel Adorned with History

From the heart of Jacob & Co.'s renowned Epic X Collection emerges a watch that echoes our own meticulous artistry, worthy of a collector's vault. Crafted in a gleaming rose gold 44MM case, this Jacob and Co watch’s intricate details whisper tales of cigar-rolling artistry. The iconic La Aurora logo adorning its face is a subtle ode to the legacy we proudly carry. It also features a Perfecto or Double Figurado Vitola, paying homage to the cigar that initiated it all back in 1903. This isn't just a watch; it's a portal to a world where time unfurls with the deliberate grace of a perfectly rolled "perfecto" cigar, each tick a testament to generations of craftsmanship.

The Cigar: A Taste of Legacy

Celebrating La Aurora's 120th anniversary, the ultra-premium 120 LE cigar honors our legacy with meticulous craftsmanship and exquisite flavors. Handmade in small batches by expert Torcedores, each smoke boasts a Habano 92-seed leaf wrapper, Dominican binder, and Dominican filler blend. Nestled in a replica of our original 1903 packaging, these cigars are a full-bodied Puro experience that embody history itself. Whispering narratives of yesteryears, the fragrance encapsulates the essence of generations past.

Exclusivity for the Discerning Few

Needless to say, the allure of our collaboration is further heightened by its exclusivity. Only ten Jacob and Co. watch sets exist, seven already pre-sold to our President, Guillermo León, and his close ones (not to toot our own horn, but yes, it’s that good!), leaving just three remaining at the Jacob & Co. boutiques in New York City, Miami, and Geneva, Switzerland. The cigars, while slightly more plentiful, are still a collector's dream, with only 2,500 boxes available in the United States.

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A Toast to Time and Taste

Owning a piece of this collaboration is more than just acquiring luxury; it's an investment in a story, a toast to generations of passion, and a celebration of the exquisite dance between time and taste. It's a chance to hold history in your hands, to feel the weight of craftsmanship in every tick and exhale.

So, raise a glass (or perhaps a La Aurora 120th) to this momentous union. Immerse yourself in the intricate details of the Jacob & Co. watch, let the aroma of the hand-rolled cigar swirl around you, and relish the feeling of owning a piece of something truly exceptional. In this collaboration, we haven't just aimed to redefine luxury; we've created a timeless masterpiece that will be savored for generations to come.

Ready to Own a Piece of History?

Head to Jacob & Co. stores in New York City, Miami, or Geneva, Switzerland, to experience this exclusive offering for $48,000. With every watch purchase, you will be presented with a humidor along with ten of our exclusive La Aurora 120th Anniversary Limited Edition cigars. Witness the impeccable craftsmanship, savor the rich heritage, and embark on a journey where time and taste converge in perfect harmony.