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How To Cut A Cigar With A Cigar Cutter

Jun 9th, 2023


Cigars have been enjoyed for centuries, with their complex blends of tobacco leaves providing a unique and flavorful smoking experience. However, proper preparation is crucial for fully appreciating a cigar's quality. One important aspect is cutting the cigar correctly. It is not just about slicing off the end of the cigar, but a perfect cut also allows for a smooth draw and establishes the ideal passage of smoke. Any mistake made during the cutting process can ultimately affect the flavor and overall experience.

To use a cigar cutter, it is advised to first inspect the cap (the rounded end of the cigar) for a shoulder line that indicates where the cap ends. Then, choose a cutter that matches the size and shape of the cigar. For example, wider ring gauges may require a larger cutter to fit comfortably. Next, carefully slice off the cap just above the shoulder line to ensure a clean cut without damaging the filler leaves underneath. A straight cut creates a larger opening while a V-cut may provide a more concentrated flavor.

It can be a bit daunting for beginners, but mastering the technique is essential and can be accomplished with a variety of cigar cutters. Keep reading to learn more...

Different Types Of Cutters

There are many different types of unique cutters available on the market, such as scissors, guillotine (or straight) cutters, and V-cutters (also called wedge cutters). Each of these cutters varies in shape, design, and cutting precision. Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to cutters, so try a few and use whatever feels right to you.

Scissor cutters allow you to cut your cigar without having to worry about maintaining a specific angle. To use scissor cutters, determine the type of cut you want to make. For a straight cut, place the scissors perpendicular to the cigar’s end and cut. For a V cut, hold the scissors at a 45-degree angle and, with the tip pointing towards the cap, snip off the cap. This cut creates a wedge-shaped cut and encourages the smoke to flow out of the cigar more efficiently.

Guillotine cutters are the most common type of cutters because they are simple and easy to use, allowing you to clip it evenly and accurately, ensuring the cigar’s proper draw. To use guillotine cutters, hold the cigar firmly between your fingers and insert the head of the cigar into the cutter. Cut the head by squeezing the cutter handles, making sure that the blade cuts clean and evenly. The key here is not to cut too deep, or the wrapper may unravel.

V-cutters or wedge cutters are a perfect option if you want to enhance the smoking experience by focusing the smoke toward the palate. To use V-cutters, place the cigar’s head in the V opening, then gently squeeze the cutter handles while holding the cigar in place. The cutter will remove a V-shaped slice of tobacco from the cigar, allowing the smoke to flow smoothly and effortlessly for a unique draw.

Our Recommendation For The Best Straight Cigar Cutter

Titan Box Wing Cutter is a finely crafted cigar cutter; it's made from premium quality stainless steel, which not only makes it durable but also resistant to corrosion. With an ergonomic design, the cutter comfortably fits in the hand, making it easy to operate and effortlessly remove the cap of a cigar without causing damage to the wrapper, which is crucial for enhancing the smoking experience. It is suitable for use with a wide variety of cigar sizes with a maximum ring gauge of 61, making it versatile and convenient for both the occasional smoker and the cigar aficionado.

Our Recommendation For The Best V-Cut Cigar Cutter

Xikar VX2 V-Cut Cutter is a high-quality device that has been designed for cigar enthusiasts who appreciate robust and precise tools that are capable of delivering consistent and clean cuts to their cigars. Its inverted blade creates a precise "V" cut that exposes the cigar's core and provides an optimal draw while minimizing the risk of the wrapper cracking or unraveling. In addition to its cutting precision, it is also built to withstand repeated use and has a specially designed ergonomic shape for easy one-handed operation. Additionally, it is compatible with a range of cigar sizes and has a maximum ring gauge of 64.

Final Thoughts

By properly cutting a cigar, you can enjoy a smooth and even draw, allowing them to fully savor the unique flavors and aromas of their favorite blends. Finding the right cigar cutter is essential for any true aficionado to ensure a consistent and enjoyable smoking experience. There are a variety of cutters available on the market, each with its own unique design and cutting precision; and while it may seem intimidating, with practice, proper technique, and the right tool, you can master this art. When it comes to cutting a cigar perfectly, having the best cigar accessories can make the process easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Invest in high-quality cutters such as the Titan Box Wing Cutter or the Xikar VX2 V-Cut Cutter available on our website or your local store, which can offer precision and durability throughout your tobacco journey from newbie to aficionado.