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Exploring the Excellence of La Aurora Preferidos Hors D’Age Cigar

Dec 1st, 2023

La Aurora HDA.png

Allow us to share a moment of pride with you. La Aurora Preferidos Hors D’Age, a testament to our dedication to crafting exceptional cigars, has emerged as a true luminary in the realm of fine tobacco. 'Cigar Journal' magazine, an authority in the world of cigars, has bestowed upon it the honor of being one of the finest cigars of 2022. In their esteemed annual ranking, our Hors D’Age claimed a remarkable sixth position among the 25 best cigars of the year.

The accolades, however, do not end there. 'Enthusiast Report', in their blind tasting, deemed our Preferidos Hors D’Age worthy of a resounding 93 points. This is not merely a cigar; it is a testament to the artistry, meticulous craftsmanship, and unwavering commitment to excellence that define La Aurora.

The Blend: A Symphony of Aged Leaves

The wrapper is made of Sumatra seed grown in Ecuador, the binder is also Ecuadorian, and the filler comprises tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Nicaragua. Every leaf in La Aurora Hors D'Age has been meticulously aged for a minimum of 12 years.

The Toro Experience

Available only in the Toro shape, this cigar measures 5 3/4" in length with a ring gauge of 54, providing a leisurely 90-minute smoking experience. This thoughtfully designed size allows for a harmonious progression of flavors, ensuring that every subtle nuance is savored at its own pace.

Packaging and Pricing

Presented in elegantly designed boxes, Preferidos Hors D’Age is available in sets of 3, 5, and 15 cigars. This range of packaging options caters to both the seasoned aficionado and those looking to embark on a journey into the world of premium cigars.


- 3 cigars for $78

- 5 cigars for $130

- 15 cigars for $351

Tasting Notes: Unearthing the Flavor Symphony

Our master blender, Manuel Inoa, eloquently captures the essence of this extraordinary blend, stating, "La Aurora Preferidos Hors D’Age is a well-balanced blend with a unique start for an extra-aged cigar. Spicy notes of black pepper spark to life as more delicate flavors approach from the background. While the presence of wood is evident throughout the entire smoke, it is enriched by nuances of cinnamon, nuts, and even citrus in the finish. Its aromatic, rich, creamy white smoke is characterized by its delicate touches of roasted coffee that prove to be the height of a demanding smoke."

Notes: Wood & Coffee

Aromas: Caramel & Wood

With these notes, we invite aficionados to embark on a sensory journey, where every draw unravels a symphony of tastes and aromas, culminating in a truly demanding yet rewarding smoke.

Talking about the strength profile of this cigar, it leans towards medium-strong, striking a harmonious balance that allows for a robust yet refined smoking experience.

Pairing Guide: Elevating the Experience

Enhance your La Aurora Preferidos Hors D'Age experience with these thoughtful pairings:

Suggested Drink Pairings

  • Rum: The rich caramel notes of rum harmonize with the woodiness of the cigar, creating a delightful interplay of flavors. To celebrate our 110th anniversary, we created E. León Jimenes rum, which we suggest as the ultimate pairing partner with Hors D’Age.
  • Whiskey: Whether smoky or sweet, whiskey's complexity complements the nuanced layers of the cigar's profile, delivering a truly immersive experience.
  • Cognac: The refined elegance of cognac aligns effortlessly with the sophistication of La Aurora Preferidos Hors D'Age, providing a pairing that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Recommended Food Pairings

  • Steak: The robustness of a perfectly cooked steak mirrors the depth of the cigar's flavors, creating a symphony of taste sensations that linger long after the final draw.
  • Risotto: Creamy and aromatic, risotto acts as a perfect canvas for the intricate flavors of the cigar, enhancing the overall indulgence.

These pairings serve as a curated guide to help you unlock the full potential of your cigar-smoking experience. Whether you choose to savor it with a glass of fine rum or alongside a succulent steak, each combination promises to elevate your moment of indulgence to a new level of sensory delight. However, this largely depends on your preference.

Final Notes

The La Aurora Preferidos Hors D’Age stands as a testament to the dedication and expertise of La Aurora's craftsmen. Its meticulous blend, aged to perfection, delivers a smoking experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. With a harmonious interplay of flavors, a medium-strong strength, and a meticulously crafted Toro shape, it ascends to the pinnacle of cigar craftsmanship.

Whether savored in solitude or paired with the finest spirits and cuisine, this cigar promises an experience that lingers long after the final draw. Its impressive rating of 93 points from the magazine ‘Enthusiast Report’ serves as a resounding endorsement of its exceptional quality.