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Cigar Storage: How to Keep Your Cigars Fresh and Flavorful with Humidity Control

Apr 28th, 2023


Cigar Storage: How to Keep Your Cigars Fresh and Flavorful with Humidity Control

Cigars are one of the finer pleasures in life and cigar storage demands a certain level of care and attention. Do you know how it feels to pick up your favorite La Aurora cigar after months of storage, only to find that its taste and aroma have been diminished by poor storage conditions? Well, you’re not alone! That’s why today we're sharing our secret on how to keep your cigars fresh; it's simple, control the humidity levels and keep them fresh for months or even years! It all starts with a cigar humidor box — the ideal humidor humidity will help keep your cigars stored optimally while maintaining their rich taste over time.

What is a cigar humidor?

Cigar humidors are an essential cigar storage companion. For cigar connoisseurs and casual cigar lovers alike, investing in a cigar humidor box is key to preserving cigar quality and keeping them fresh for longer. Humidors are boxes that are designed to maintain the ideal environment for cigar storage - specifically a temperature between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit and humidor humidity levels of 65-72 percent. This type of regulated climate creates a mild, moist atmosphere that will keep the cigar leaves from drying out, which lengthens the cigar's lifespan. When stored in a cigar humidor, cigars can remain fresh without much deterioration or changes in flavor. Cigar humidors can store anywhere between 25-200 cigars at once with ease (this one stores up to 130 cigars), and provide temperature and humidity control for optimal cigar freshness and longevity, so cigar smokers can enjoy their favorite brands in premium condition.

How to choose the right humidor box for your cigars?

Choosing the right humidor box for your cigars is critical for maintaining their quality and freshness. To ensure that your cigar collection is optimally stored, it is important to select a cigar humidifier that will keep the humidity in the box balanced and consistent. Make sure to choose one with seals that are sturdy and airtight, as well as an interior lining made of high-quality material, so it can better resist moisture. Take into consideration the size of the humidor box you will need; if you have multiple types or sizes of cigars, go for a larger one so they all have space to breathe, or if you’re always on the go, our travel-friendly cigar humidor is your best friend. You may want to consider choosing a humidor with a built-in hygrometer so you can easily monitor the humidity inside. Easy-to-use humidity packs are also available on the market, which makes maintaining your preferred humidity even simpler. The cigar humidor also adds a touch of elegance to the room, so choose one that not only ensures your cigars will stay in top shape until you’re ready to light up but also suits your taste.

Setting up a humidor correctly with proper humidity levels

Although cigars are a great way to relax, they can easily lose their ideal flavor if not stored properly. In the factory, one important factor we consider when the question of how to store cigars and keep them fresh pops up is ensuring that the humidity levels in the humidor remain ideal. A good rule of thumb for ideal humidity for a humidor is 65-72 percent, so monitoring the levels in your humidor is key for keeping the best quality and flavor for your cigars. Too little or too much humidity can lead to problems such as uneven burning, harsh flavor, and even mold growth; you need to have the best humidity for cigars. By setting up your humidor with the ideal humidity range and monitoring it regularly to ensure it’s staying in range, you’ll have a better chance of getting the most from every cigar.

Different types of cigar storage options and how to rotate them within the humidor

When it comes to how to store cigars and how to keep your cigars fresh, you have several options. Depending on how many you’re buying in bulk, a desktop humidor is ideal for those who just started their cigar-smoking journey and plan on purchasing up to two or three dozen cigars. For avid cigar aficionados with larger collections, storage chests are the preferred option that can hold from 20 cigars up to over 200, depending on their size. It's also important to consider how often you rotate your cigar collection within the humidor to ensure optimal freshness and quality. Especially in warmer months when the heat rises, cigars should be rotated through lower shelves or tiers of your storage container so that all of them receive even levels of moisture. This practice helps evenly spread out the humidity and keeps your cigars as fresh as possible.

Common mistakes to avoid when storing cigars in a humidor

Storing cigars in a humidor is an art that requires careful planning and attention, and we’ve mastered this art. While it is necessary to select the right type of humidor for your needs, failing to keep the proper humidity can lead to poor-tasting cigars. That being said, our cigar aficionados at La Aurora have noticed some mistakes are commonly made when storing cigars in a humidor: not understanding the levels of humidity required, not seasoning your humidor before use, not monitoring or adjusting as needed, adding too many cigars at once, or not using special cigar humidifier solutions, overfilling your humidor. Understanding these common pitfalls and taking action to avoid them is key for optimal cigar storage.

Final Thoughts

So there we have it! Proper cigar storage starts and ends with humidity control. Your best bet is to start with a well-made cigar humidor and make sure to use quality humidification methods. Good cigars are a valuable investment, not to mention the hobbyists' pride and joy. With the right storing conditions in place, your La Aurora cigars can both taste great and stay fresh for ages - now that's magic! Whether this is a new territory or an old hobby of yours, we hope our insider tips will be of some use to you.